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September -- Framing

Monday, 3 September --- Video: MPEG
Argh -- yet again the camera has died. It seems to have a mind of its own. I think I might have to break down & actually buy a new one. It always goes dead between 8 & 8:30 a.m. Very odd.
Tuesday, 4 September --- Video: MPEG
No camera this morning, it came on around noon. The slab for the garage & carport were poured in the morning, and the plywood went up.
Wednesday, 5 September --- Video: MPEG
Met with the Bob this morning to go over the latest invoice (ick) and a few other things. Amoung other things, we saw where the utilities were entering the house & asked that they be moved. Of course, they're embedded in concrete. Oops. Turns out this won't be terribly difficult.

We'll be meeting with him again on Friday to pick out windows & plumbing fixtures.

Finally, the floor joists went in for the second floor.

Thursday, 6 September --- Video: MPEG
Friday, 7 September --- Video: MPEG
Monday, 10 September --- Video: MPEG
There's a new camera in operation. See the bottom of the camera page for details.
Tuesday, 11 September --- Video: MPEG
Wednesday, 12 September --- Video: MPEG
Thursday, 13 September --- Video: MPEG
Today the decking for the second floor went up. The walls for the second floor have been traced out so walking around we can see what room we're in (at least I can, Lynn & the kids cannot get up there yet). Looks like tomorrow the walls for the second floor might go up.
Friday, 14 September --- Video: MPEG
Monday, 17 September --- Video: MPEG
The second story's up. OK, anyone who's ever seen how a house is built knows that first you build the walls horizontally, then you move them up into position. How often does the wall topple over the side when being moved up? You know it has to happen.
Also, as you might have noticed, these walls are tall. The back half ceiling height is 10', and the front half is 12'. With the plywood on, these things must be heavy!
We spent a few hours over the weekend looking at windows, doors & plumbing. It looks like mostly Anderson double hung windows. We also found the perfect bathtub for the master bathroom.
The kitchen is still a problem. We're thinking Corian countertops with the built-in sink, but we don't know what to do with the island. I'd like a granite top, but we need something that matches the Corian without making the Corian look cheap. Argh!
Tuesday, 18 September --- Video: MPEG
Here's a good example of the wall I was talking about yesterday. The newest one (on the left side) is 12' tall, 30' long and fully covered with plywood. heavy!
Wednesday, 19 September --- Video: MPEG
Thursday, 20 September --- Video: MPEG
Friday, 21 September --- Video: MPEG
The top floor is now pretty much roughed in. It's a lot of fun being able to walk room to room & see how everything's laid out.
I talked with my neighbor & walked around a bit. He's a lot of fun because he can tell me what everything is. I'll post some pictures of the framing upstairs & downstairs. It's pretty amazing. Of course, it was engineered to have radiant floor heat, which includes a layer of light-weight (relatively speaking) concrete. Now that the radiant heat is gone, it just looks overengineered. Oh well.
Saturday, 22 September --- Video: MPEG
Sunday, 23 September --- Video: MPEG
Monday, 24 September --- Video: MPEG
Tuesday, 25 September --- Video: MPEG
Wednesday, 26 September --- Video: MPEG
Thursday, 27 September --- Video: MPEG
Friday, 28 September --- Video: MPEG
Saturday, 29 September --- Video: MPEG
Sunday, 30 September --- Video: MPEG

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