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Saturday, 1 June --- Video: MPEG
Mandy & Michele were back today. They took the kids to the Boardwalk so Lynn & I keep working. I finished taking down the playset from the old backyard & brought it over, which pretty much finishes the move. Only my tools remain at the old house. The inside is starting to take shape. The upstairs is fairly well organized now. Once the downstairs is done it's time to dive into the 50+ boxes awaiting us in the garage.
Sunday, 2 June --- Video: MPEG
As my vacation draws to a close I realize Lynn was right all along. We won't be moved in until sometime in July. The current goal is to be complete by the time we leave for vacation in the middle of July. We'll see.

The cats are slowly getting used to their new home. We don't want them running around outside until I build a cat run in the back yard. There's too much poison oak around and I don't know yet what the neighbor's think of cats. They spend part of each night crying the living room, probably just to hear the echo. We've no furniture there yet & it looks like it might be a while before we get any.

Monday, 3 June --- Video: MPEG
The painters are busily finishing the last few bits. Watch the left side of the movie & you can see the fence also is being completed. The building inspector showed up an hour early, so big surprise everything wasn't yet done. No occupancy today!
Tuesday, 4 June --- Video: MPEG
Once again the building inspector showed up an hour before he was scheduled to. Lynn had the joy of listening to him. He is at best a very rude individual. Professionalism is far from his forte.

Amoung other things we suddenly need to do:

PG&E was over today attaching our service. They were transferring from our temporary to the permanent service while the building inspector was checking the outlets & much to everyone's surprise the outlets didn't work when the power was out.

No occupancy today.

Wednesday, 5 June --- Video: MPEG
Hooray! Today we finally got our occupancy permit! Apparently there was nothing left to nitpick. Unfortunately, it'll be another couple of days before the gas is hooked up.
Thursday, 6 June --- Video: MPEG
The porta-potty was picked up today, as was all of the leftover building material. If you watch the deck you'll see Lynn hanging our laundry out to dry. Yep, we're really sprucing up the neighborhood! I told her we should hang a line between the house & the light pole.
Friday, 7 June --- Video: MPEG
PG&E is supposed to come by sometime today to hookup our gas. On the radio it advertises a ``guaranteed four hour window.'' Apparently that's unless you actually call.

The rest of our bed was delivered today.

Monday, 10 June --- Video: MPEG
We were supposed to have DSL sometime Friday. It takes two weeks to get it transferred to a new address, not a new phone number mind you. After the better part of the day on the phone, we finally got temporary access at about 5:30p.m.

Ernie was walking around the house with our punchlist & putting yellow sticky-notes all over the walls. When I walked in I thought I had entered the Bat Cave. He has a better eye than I & noticed a few things that we missed on the walls.

The final bit of silicon went onto our shower doors. The guy said tomorrow everything should be set. Hooray!

Tuesday, 11 June --- Video: MPEG
The camera is gone! It took it's last picture at 17:04 today and now has finally been removed from our neighbor's house. Over the last year. It took roughly 231,000 pictures. The setup had run continuously without problem for 192 days. The only downtime was during a power-outage. Time to archive the whole site.

Lynn decided that she really didn't like being filmed now that we're living there!

We finally have DSL working. We'll see how long it lasts.

The cleanup crew arrived today & hauled away the remaining trash. Ernie finished the fence and started working on some of the punchlist items. Now we're down to the final few details. I wonder how long it takes?

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