Twice each day a new movie is generated that simply shows what happened that day. These movies should be available around 2:00p.m. and midnight. The two formats are:

This is probably the most common streaming video format on the internet. The advantage is you get to see the whole movie immediately, the disadvantage is the quality is generally low.
Another common format. The advantage here is quality, the disadvantage is you need to download the whole movie (about 1.5M) before it plays. That can take up to an hour at 28.8Kbps.

This section shows my compilations. As each major component is completed, I edit down the movies to just the interesting parts, eliminating as much dead space as possible. Here's what we have so far:

Wall (2:50) MPEG
25 June through 14 July: the three retaining walls being built. Minor technical difficulties prevented me from getting any footage of the large trenches being dug.
Lot Prep (3:55) MPEG
31 July through 10 August: the drain pipes are laid, the trenches filled and compacted, and the ground setup for the house.