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Lot Stills

lot still locations

These pictures are of various locations of interest around the lot. We're getting pictures of everything that is underground or otherwise obscured, as well as things that cannot be easily seen from the camera across the street. Click on blue dots to see the pictures. front electric by street front electric by house under master bedroom Casa de York east side of house front door house from street house in front of family room

1 & 2

Conduit running from the house to the street in case we want to add a driveway entry light. Above is the street side, and below the house side. The driveway is to the left.


This is under the master bath. There was a leak here before so I drew in the blue arrow (barely visible).


Here's the best picture we have so far of the ``Casa de York'' brass letters that were embedded in the driveway.


The east side of the house (opposite the camera).


The front door area. The door's not in yet so there's no picture.


House from the start of the driveway.


The outside of the family room.

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