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Upstairs Stills

Upstairs Picture Locations

These pictures are of various locations of interest upstairs. Mostly it's pictures of the walls after everything is roughed-in so we can find things later if we need to. Click on the blue dots to see the pictures (or scroll down). kitchen from deck kitchen W smiley face kitchen NE kitchen dining wall living E living S bath 2 S dining N bed 1 closet W washer closer N kids bath S bath 3 from bed 2 W kids bath pass through N bed 2 N bed 2 E hallway master bath S master bed SE master bed SE master bed N master bed W


Deck facing kitchen On the deck, facing the kitchen.

2, 3 & 4: kitchen

Kitchen, West wall Kitchen, NE wall
west wallnorth-east wall
Smiley face Notice the kitchen window is not a bay window like we wanted. It turns out there wasn't enough space here to put a bay window, so our choice was a garden window, or a flat one. We chose the flat one.

Also notice the smiley face (left). These kept cropping up wherever the foam sealer was used.

smiley face (under kitchen window)


This is the wall between the kitchen and living room. We were advised to get a good picture of this because most of the wires are going to be sealed in the wall. We're only keeping the phone wire out. Kitchen/Dining room wall

6 & 7: living room

Living room, east wall Living room, south wall
east wallsouth wall
The living room. The east wall will have some kind of cabinet with a small stereo in it. There are six sets of speaker wire (four in the corners of the room, and two outside on the deck). In addition, I ran two wires to the downstairs stereo system so the whole thing can be powered from there.


bath #2, south wall bath #2, south wall
ceilingsouth wall
The half bath at the top of the stairs.


Dining room, north wall. On the left you can see the pass-through to the kitchen so we don't need to walk around the wall to get food & dishes to the dining room. dining room, north wall


bedroom #1 closet west wall These are the mechanicals coming up from the garage. Since they're in a bedroom, we're hoping there won't be too much noise when the heater kicks on & off.


The washer & dryer closet. washer & dryer closet, north wall

12 & 14: Kid's bathroom

Kids bathroom Jack & Jill bathroom
south wallnorth wall
Kid's bath, north wall. That's Adrianna looking at us from the hallway. The north wall will have the Jack & Jill sinks.

Yes, we were tagged. It happened almost immediately after the second story was put on. All ladders & spray cans were locked up after that.


hallway, east wall This is the far (east) end of the hall and our lovely sub panel. We'll need to find a big picture to cover it.

13, 15 & 16: another bedroom

bed #2, north wall bedroom 2, north wall
north wallnorth wall
bedroom 2, east wall bedroom 2, west wall
east wallwest wall


master bath with alex & nico master bath tub
bath tubbath tub
master bath, south wall master bath, shower
above the tubshower
This is the master bathroom. Alex is on the right and his friend Nico on the left.

19, 20, 21 & 22: Master Bedroom

master bed, west wall master bed, north wall
ceiling to the westnorth wall
master bed, east wall master bed, SE corner
east wallsouth-east corner
master bed, se corner This is the master bedroom. Notice in the south-east corner there are the four coax running to nowhere. If we ever want a satellite dish, we'll have the wires. I was told to run four. No idea why.
south-east corner

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